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The raw diet for dogs follows the ideology that dogs are carnivores and need little to no grain or vegetable matter in their diet other than what would be available to them in the digestive tracts of the prey they hunt were they to hunt and survive as their wild counterpart, the gray wolf has for millennia. Rather than grain-filled and colorful, but unecessary, vegetables, shown on bags of commercially sold kibble everywhere, Brookstone feeds fresh, raw meat and bones from a variety of animal sources. 

We started supplementing our pets' diets with raw food over 20 years ago with Gracie, our first golden retriever, who experienced terrible allergies to nearly every kibble we tried. We noticed such a difference in our pets' health and appearance that there was no going back. Currently, we follow an 80/10/10 prey model diet and have been doing so for over a decade now with excellent results. 

At Brookstone, we are committed to providing a diet as close to how they would eat in nature and as high quality as possible. Please see the links below if you would like to learn more about this game-changing way of feeding outstanding dogs.

Raw Beef Steak
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Follow the links below to learn more about the raw diet.

Keep the Tail Wagging® is a personal blog that has grown into an educational company with a global reach dedicated to raising awareness of natural alternative canine care for curious pet parents looking to be better informed through the sharing of information.

Dog Dad (Scott Jay Marshall II) is a channel dedicated to educating the public about a raw food diet for dogs, a.k.a. Raw Feeding!!

At Holisticvet, we're about clear, precise, interesting information. We want to teach you about holistic medicine and raw food feeding in a simple, fun way. Come back soon to see more videos.


4 different species sharing one thing in common: The biological obligation to eat meat! 2 humans hoping to educate on species appropriate diets.

Rawfeeding: FAQ
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